© depositphoto/Olivier26

© depositphoto/Olivier26

Why I Prefer Disability Insurance Over Life Insurance
by Aaron Levine

I like to pride myself as a knowledgeable insurance agent with goals to help educate consumers in all things insurance as well as helping people understand what coverage is important and what coverage tends to be overlooked.

This conversation of coverage comes up when I talk to individuals and families about Life Insurance. Life Insurance can be a complex conversation, depending on what life stage the individual purchasing the coverage is in and if a recent life event occurred prompting the consultation.

I know we all preach about the importance of life insurance as it is a key element for financial security and I will continue to encourage people to buy it, but having Disability Insurance and eventually Long-Term Care Insurance are also extremely important.

An individual is four times more likely to become disabled prior to retirement than to die prematurely.  In pre-retirement and even retirement, individuals are more expensive to be cared for when disabled, than when they are dead. This may seem obvious, but why rely on the government to support you? Individual Disability Insurance is essential coverage for the working class who depend on their paycheck to support themselves and their families.

There are many variables that can factor into coverage, such as corporate benefits, but just remember, those benefits expire as soon as employment is terminated and you may be left without Life Insurance and Disability Insurance coverage. It is important to be proactive and protect yourself and your family now.

To learn more about your Disability, Life and Long Term Care Insurance options, contact me, Aaron Levine @ 732.963.2175. At LG Insurance Agency we can provide free quotes and consultations for all of your insurance needs.

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