Fitness Centers & Gyms

Whether you teach classes or train one-on-one, whether you are an employee or independent contractor – you need small business insurance to protect yourself and your future from liability exposure.

Fitness centers, yoga studios, personal training studios and gyms focus on keeping people healthy and strong. If you run a workout facility or own a health center, you know that when people are involved in intense physical activity there are risks involved for your customers as well as your business. The good news is that protection is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain through LG Insurance Agency.

Fitness Center Insurance Recommendations

Fitness professionals need to be aware of different types of liability exposure in their clubs, studios, and fitness facilities and the types of customized small business insurance packages they need:

  • Premises Liability– Premises Liability relates to the facility itself and is primarily the responsibility of the club or studio owner. Examples of premises liability injuries that can lead to claims include slips and falls on the sidewalk, over electrical cords or in wet areas.
  • Liability associated with damaged, broken or malfunctioning equipment. These types of insurance claims can either be the responsibility of the facility or the equipment manufacturer. Health clubs and studios alike should maintain all of their equipment per the manufacturer’s instructions with regular inspection and service. If a machine’s design is found to be at fault for an injury, then the liability will shift to the manufacturer.
  • Professional liability. Professional liability insurance covers personal trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors, as well as group exercise instructors that may be exposed to lawsuits due to members or clients that claim their injuries were caused by professional negligence.

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