Insurance for Retailers

Whether you are a retailer of clothes, furniture, or automotive supplies, you need to feel confident that your customers, employees, and property are protected with small business insurance.

Owning a retail store is a lot of hard work – maintaining inventory, keeping competitive, and making customers happy are just some of the ongoing challenges. In addition, retail store owners must manage risk- from break-ins, to injuries, to damaged property—it only takes one liability lawsuit to financially devastate your business if you don’t have the appropriate coverage.

Insurance for your retail business can help protect you through a variety of difficult situations; for example if the business is damaged due to a fire or if the shop is burglarized and merchandise is stolen. Having small business insurance coverage for your retail business should also protect your employees in case of injury and cover any liabilities, such as customers filing lawsuits against your business.

Retail Insurance Options

LG Insurance Agency offers comprehensive insurance options for your small retail business including:

  • Business Owner’s Policy–A Business Owner’s Policy is a comprehensive insurance package for a retail business owners which includes property owner’s insurance and general liability insurance. Your business is eligible for this comprehensive coverage providing that your business is considered low risk.
  • General Liability Insurance– General liability insurance protects you against claims for property damage or personal harm and protects you from claims brought against the company as a whole, as well as against individuals working on the company’s behalf.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance– Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required in New Jersey by law for any business that has employees and protects against costs associated with workplace injury or illness.
  • Commercial Property Insurance– Property insurance can protect such things as inventory and even cash registers as well as any business assets that could be lost, stolen or damaged either at your primary place of business or at business related events off-site.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance– If your business requires employees to operate automobiles, commercial auto insurance must be included in your coverage.  Commercial auto insurance will cover medical expenses for drivers and passengers in the case of an accident, repair costs for any damaged vehicles, as well as cover any legal expenses incurred due to any lawsuits filed against the company.

Contact LG Insurance Agency today, we know the risks involved with your industry and can advise you about the coverages that can adequately protect your business.

Your Local Insurance Experts

Working with us gives you a local team of experts that know the intricacies of insurance in Monmouth and Ocean counties and beyond. We understand that insurance is an important part of running your retail business and it is our goal to help you eliminate risks.

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