Homeowners Insurance

We are extremely knowledgeable in the housing market and can package multiple homes together under one policy. Each situation is different and we strive to find the best coverage at the best possible price for your home, vacation and rental properties.

We’re often asked:

What is the best homeowners insurance in NJ?

There is no such thing as the best homeowners insurance. If there was a best and a worst, there would only be two carriers. Homeowners insurance is specific to the homeowners needs. If your home is of high value, coastal, historical, condo, mobile home or an apartment, there are different carriers to help suit your needs.

Will cheap homeowners insurance cover my needs?

Cheap homeowners may meet your budget, so long as you are looking to put in a lot of claims. Fences, pools and garages are often not covered through cheap homeowners insurance.

What do I need to buy homeowners insurance?

Honestly, there’s no simple answer to the above. We need to evaluate your specific needs and financial situation to make the best homeowners insurance coverage recommendation. We will collect and analyze the details of your needs and make carrier recommendations.

Vacation Properties

In addition to your primary residence, we are licensed in many other states in order to help you with your vacation homeowners insurance. We have coastal experience and carriers to match you with the best carrier for your second home.

Landlord Insurance

If you are a Landlord, it is important to make sure that you have the proper coverage on your rental properties. Landlord insurance policies are different than those written for your primary homeowners insurance. As a landlord, your liability exposure is increased due to the fact of having tenants living in your home. It is important to confirm with your tenants that they carry renter’s insurance. This will not only protect you from being sued, it will protect them in case of fire or liability.

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