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LG Insurance specializes in helping HVAC companies identify unforeseen problems while protecting their businesses so they can focus on their customers.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractors are highly skilled workers that ensure thermal comfort and maintain indoor air quality. From small repairs to larger construction projects, it’s important for HVAC professionals to have insurance that covers the risks involved in their profession. Small Business Insurance is specifically designed to protect HVAC Business needs.

The key types of insurance coverage recommended for HVAC businesses are:

  • General Liability– Having General Liability Insurance is a good starting point for a HVAC contractor. A general liability policy will defend the business legally and financially when accidents happen. For instance, if an employee damages a customer’s property while performing maintenance or a customer is injured by products your business sells, the general liability policy will cover it.
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – This type of policy combines the general liability coverage with important property coverage. In the event that business equipment, tools, furnishings and structures are damaged or destroyed, a Business Owner’s Policy helps you recuperate financially.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – The majority of your work as a heating and A/C contractor is done at client’s homes or businesses. This means you use a company vehicle all day long and it should be covered by commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance is important to avoid the potentially high costs of unforeseen accidents. It will provide coverage against bodily or property injury, as well as vandalism or theft.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Workers Comp insurance pays for medical and legal expenses from work related incidents for your employees. As an HVAC Contractor, your employees are working with heavy equipment and hazardous materials, making workers compensation essential to protect your business and your employees. In fact, New Jersey law requires you to carry workers compensation insurance coverage for your employees. If you have at least one employee working for your heating and A/C company, you need worker’s compensation insurance.

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