High Net Worth Insurance

The Luxury Group of LG Insurance Agency is a specialized team of highly trained agents for high value homes, luxury vehicles, umbrellas and privacy needs for high net worth individuals and their families. We work as consultants and brokers to understand the client’s individual needs and match each client with the right insurance company or companies for all of their insurance needs.

The Umbrella

The life you lead and the possessions you own make you a target for various liability related issues. We understand that having an Umbrella Policy in place to protect assets is extremely important should a situation arise. We also believe strongly that you must protect yourself from other and encourage the option of additional Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage on your Umbrella. Many broad line carriers leave you with this significant exposure.

Data Breach & Privacy

As in business, we highly recommend personal Cyber Liability and Data Breach Policies. If your loved one gets hit with a virus, cryptolocker or your smart home gets intruded, this coverage can help mitigate the loss, restore data and pay certain ransomware attacks. Several of our carriers have services to help you personally fortify your and your family’s online presence.

Homes, Vacation Homes & Rental Properties

Many of the broad line insurance companies can leave larger homes with coverage gaps and claim time headache.

The High Net Worth Insurance Companies have exceptional claims handling and service. These carriers offer unlimited loss of use, true guaranteed replacement cost coverage and can also extend liability in certain situations to other properties. When you package multiple properties with one carrier, we can often save you additional money while at the same time helping the insurance company understand your total ownership and real estate investment portfolio.

The coast lines on the eastern seaboard often make insuring property difficult — thanks to storms, weather, and rising sea levels. We work with specialty insurers so we can help you protect your coastal home or condo anywhere from Maine to Florida and even on the west coast.

We are currently licensed in: NJ, NY, PA, CT, FL, MA, GA, TN, NV, CA, WA.

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is a major concern throughout the country and we are on the forefront with the Private Flood Insurance Marketplace. We are writing flood insurance policies with values up to $1Million and also including both other structures and loss of use as part of that coverage. We feel it is important to provide you more coverage than what is available through the National Flood Insurance Program and often times, we can save you money over the NFIP.

New Construction

At LG Insurance, we specialize protecting homes and people in affluent areas where new construction projects are frequent by offering construction liability and Builders Risk for owners. We can extend liability coverage or help you purchase new coverage depending on the project. We are also available to consult with your construction team so they can have proper insurance in place before they start construction. In certain instances, our smart build consultants can assist in making sure your home is built to safe standards and with smart technology in place so you can enjoy your home for years to come. Some of that Smart Technology includes thermostats, lights, security, automatic water shut-off and other water and temperature sensors throughout the home.

Luxury Vehicles and Collectibles

Your classic and exotic cars do not belong on a standard auto insurance policy. These policies aren’t built for the unique needs and expenses of these vehicles. We can help you find an insurance policy with a specialty carrier who understands your vehicles. Your policy will be written for an agreed upon value based on the type of vehicle and mileage driven. Claims handling for these cars as well as your daily use vehicles is exceptional and we recommend allowing your insurance company to assist you in any accident scenario.

Boat, Yacht and Personal Watercraft

This is often the area, where we see significant gaps in coverage. Liability coverage for your guests and other boaters is extremely important. Depending on how you use your boat will help determine the best coverage for your needs. Many carriers limit nautical mile coverage, so if you plan to go to the Bahamas or far off the coast line, it is important to know what your limitations are. Having proper limits on the watercraft will close potential gaps through the umbrella. In addition to the liability, pollution, physical damage, towing and mechanical breakdown are important coverage options to be aware of and could save you significant money.