Aaron Levine and Glenn RenwickLast week, I, Aaron, from LG Insurance Agency,  had the honor to attend the National Agent Advisory Council for American Strategic Insurance Company otherwise known as #ASI.

Getting this invite was exciting for me, I was eager to learn and share my thoughts and information about our customers and how we can create more synergies to better help our customers and ultimately be more profitable as an agency.

When I arrived I had the pleasure to meet with agents from other parts of the country including, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut. Spending time networking with these agents was amazing, because I was able to learn from them and share stories about each other’s businesses. When it comes down to it, we all have opportunities and challenges within our local environment and need to work hard to stay at the top of our game.

After some networking and time with the insurance company executives, we got a lesson from PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE CEO Glenn Renwick. Glenn is a dynamic individual and his insight and knowledge of the insurance industry are out of this world. He is extremely forward thinking and I am looking forward to the future relationship with Progressive and ASI.
The relationship between PROGRESSIVE and ASI is bright. As a signature agent and Progressive Home Advantage Agent, I have exclusive access to offer our clients for Home and Auto Insurance bundled insurance policies. These bundles help insureds save money, deductibles and even cover gaps in their insurance policies. It is a perfect recipe for success!

So, the question is WHY ASI? I chose ASI as my agency’s Preferred Homeowners insurance carrier because of our relationship over the past few years and for the years to come. I had the privilege to meet with the underwriters, claims managers, vice presidents and even the CEO.  During our time, we discovered new policy updates and advances in handling claims in the most professional and proficient manner. These advances will be mutually beneficial. ASI may be the first carrier to offer some significant smart home technology discounts!

ASI is also one of our most competitive homeowners insurance carriers that we represent in the coastal market and throughout the state.  I am confident when our insureds are protected by ASI they will have the best experience possible and if they don’t, I know exactly who to call to get things fixed.

Thank you ASI for having me down to National Agency Council. I look forward to continuing our relationship and moving up with Progressive and Platinum when available in NJ.

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