Spring and Summer are the popular seasons for motorcyclists to hit the road in New Jersey; with the warm weather coming out it is time for them to retire their cars from the colder months and bring out the bikes. However, riding a motorcycle comes with inherent risks, so it is important to take safety precautions to minimize those risks. 

These may all seem like common sense, but let them serve as a good reminder. 


Safety Tips for New Jersey Motorcyclists

1. Make sure the motorcycle is properly insured.

Ensuring that your motorcycle insurance policy is up-to-date and active will give you peace of mind that incase of a peril, you and your bike will have coverage. Your car insurance will not cover your motorcycle, so making sure you have a policy for each is crucial.

2. Dress appropriately.

Motorcyclists should make sure that they have the correct gear on when cycling around. Helmets, gloves, sturdy boots or closed toe shoes, and protective clothing are some of the basics we recommend to have on while riding in order to help prevent an injury if an accident occurs.

3. Check your motorcycle.

Before going out on the road, make sure that the bike is in good condition. Testing out the lights and breaks, checking the tire pressure and fluid levels, and taking a spin down the street will be able to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

4. Be aware of road hazards.

As the weather warms up the more people will be out and about, so being aware of all the people around you while driving, especially on residential or highly populated roads is extremely important. The influx of people can also cause road hazards like potholes, loose gravel and debris, so keeping an open eye out will be imperative.

5. Stay alert.

Distracted driving is the lead cause of accidents in the state of New Jersey. Texting and driving, queuing songs to listen to or just being in your own world is exactly what not to be when getting behind the wheel of any vehicle. Keeping your focus on the road, being aware of your surroundings and getting to your destination safely should be the only thing going through one’s head while on the road.

6. Following traffic laws.

Following the speed limit, traffic signals, not driving recklessly like weaving in and out of traffic, and being conscious of other traffic laws will help in preventing unwanted accidents.

7. Make your presence known.

Since motorcycles are small in comparison to the other vehicles on the road it is important to stand out and not blend in. Wearing brighter colors, reflective clothing and using headlights during the day will assist the other drivers in seeing you.

8. Watch the weather.

New Jersey weather is always changing, especially during the summer months. Check the full-day forecast before heading out to be prepared for wind, rain or other unfriendly weather conditions.

9. Take breaks. 

Driving any vehicle for a long period of time can be draining, so it is important to take periodic breaks to stretch, hydrate, recharge and rest.

10. Ride defensively.

Assume that drivers around you may not spot you right away; especially 18-wheeler commercial vehicles, or car processions. Driving defensively, leaving more space than you normally would if you were in a car or truck, and anticipating potential hazards will help combat your level of risk.

11. Get trained. 

If you are new to operating motorcycles consider taking a motorcycle safety course to learn the basic riding skills. You should know what the telematic features of the bike are before you get out on the road.

By following these safety tips and others, New Jersey motorcyclists can help reduce the risks of accidents on the road and enjoy cruising in the warm sun safely. 



Motorcycle insurance should not be taken lightly. Physical damage is important, and all the customizations should be noted and insured appropriately. We as your insurance agent may not know about the special upgrades, so once your bike is complete – clue us in on it, so we can insure all aspects of your motorcycle like: the bike itself and accessories accordingly; even the helmet! In addition to the physical damage, it is a misunderstood concept to insure yourself at high limits including uninsured motorist coverage. 


We want to be sure you are protected properly and even include the motorcycle under your umbrella policy! Don’t forget that a bundle with auto and how can save money and also reduce confusion and friction when handling all of your insurance needs. Let us discuss these options with you and get you set up properly. Call us today at 877-288-7169 to get started on properly protecting your asset.

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