long-branch-insuranceWith the 2016 hurricane season right around the corner, the Jersey Shore is still trying to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Governor Chris Christie is warning beachfront homeowners about the upcoming hurricane season as building protective dunes along all 127 miles of the state’s coast has been delayed.

As reported in the InsuranceJournal.com, Christie has been battling with property owners in court over his plan to erect sand barriers to keep floodwaters at bay. Without signed easements, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers won’t begin work, leaving whole towns like Margate and Mantoloking vulnerable to tidal surges.

Christie has said that without the dunes, New Jersey won’t be ready to withstand another beating like Sandy.

The Army Corps is demanding easements on 71 properties in town before it starts work, according to Bob Considine, a spokesman for the state environmental department. In neighboring Mantoloking, where the ocean cut a channel to Barnegat Bay and all 521 homes were damaged, permission is outstanding on nine lots.

The governor in January called the easement holdouts “extraordinarily selfish.”  Those that oppose the federally mandated easements feel that the federal government is going to come in and take ownership and control of the beaches. “No longer would we be allowed to maintain our own dunes and plant dune grass and snow fences and do what’s necessary,” Brown, a retired investment manager, said by telephone. “That exposes our homes to risk.”

According to Colorado State University meteorological forecasts, the Atlantic basin will have 12 named tropical storms this year, the most since 2013. Other forecasters predict as many as 16.

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