Whether you’re a serial procrastinator or there’s someone on your list who slipped your mind, most of us have had to shop for a Christmas gift with not much time left. Here are ten ideas for quick Christmas gifts that are sure to please! Remember that if you’re ordering online, the last day to ensure the gift gets to you by Christmas Eve with two-day shipping is Sunday, December 22.

  • Spotify Premium Gift Card. Who doesn’t love music? Most people already use this service, and saving them from having to pay the $9.99 fee for a month or two will definitely be appreciated! 
  • Audible Subscription. A subscription to Audible will give your loved one the gift of an audiobook of their choice every month for $14.95 per month. It’s a great way to pass the time while you’re exercising or stuck in traffic! 
  • 23 and Me Kit. Wanting to know where you came from is a basic human instinct. Ancestry tests are becoming more popular and are a great idea for nearly anybody who hasn’t taken one already. 
  • Wireless headphones. Especially with most cell phones now not including an audio jack, wireless headphones are a must.
  • Bluetooth Car Adapter. Many states (including New Jersey) have passed hands free driving laws, making it difficult for people who have older vehicles without Bluetooth technology to use their GPS or listen to music from their cell phones while driving. A Bluetooth adapter will give them the capability they need to drive safely and still be able to use their cell phone. 
  • LCD Projector. Do you know someone who bemoans how small their television is? A projector will make them feel like they’re watching a movie or sports on the big screen from the comfort of their own home.
  • Makeup Subscription Box. For the makeup lover in your life, a monthly subscription box from their favorite beauty store will give them sample sizes of a few new products every month so they can find what works for them without having to break the bank. 
  • Cell Phone Wallet Case. A good wallet cell phone case is great for anyone who wants to have all their essentials in one place without having to carry around their phone and wallet separately. 
  • Freezable Wine Bag. Tired of having to lug around a big cooler to keep your drinks cold? This little bag, specially designed for wine, is also great for any other beverages you want to keep cool for extended periods of time. 
  • Scratch Lottery Tickets. You could give someone the gift of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. At the very least, they’ll be occupied with the exhilaration of that dream for a few minutes.

Your friends at LG Insurance hope you find great presents for everyone on your list and that your holidays are filled with warmth, joy and good company. Happy Holidays!