Before you know it spring will be here. It’s time to do all those things you’ve avoided during the chilly weather.

Here are just a few of the items you should check around your home so you’re ready to enjoy spring.

Change Outdoor Lightbulbs

You’ve noticed a burnt out bulb, but it’s been too nasty outside to get around to changing it. Grab the ladder and swap out dead bulbs with new energy-efficient replacements that should be good for another year.

Patch Walkways & Driveway

Removing ice, shoveling and cold can wreak havoc on pavers and concrete. Inspect your walkways and driveway, power wash, patch cracks and replace loose bricks and pavers.

Plan Your Garden

Instead of going on a shopping frenzy, why not spend an hour and plan what you need to buy this season? Make a list of which plants and trees you want to add to your yard and then buy them systematically. It’s easier on the pocketbook and you’re less likely to impulse buy at the nursery.

Spruce Up Patio Furniture

Give your patio furniture a good cleaning with soap and water. Does it need a coat of paint, new seat cushions or a squirt of lubricant on the hinges? If it’s looking shabby, it might be time to up your game.

Prep the Grill

When the weather gets warm, it’s time to grill. Wipe down the exterior, wire brush the racks and check hose connections if you grill with gas. Don’t forget to fill the tank if you run bottled propane.

Clean the Gutters

Winter storms can fill your home’s gutters with leaves, branches and dirt. Clean the gutters and check they are securely fastened to your home as high winds can loosen brackets. Ensure downspouts direct water well away from the foundation.

Wash Exterior

Cobwebs and dirt accumulate on the exterior of your home over the winter. Rent a power washer or get out the hose and blast the debris away. Don’t forget to give the windows a good washing, in and out.

Clean or Replace Filters

Spring means more dust and pollen in the air. Consider hiring a vent cleaning service, change the furnace filter, and swap out or clean the range hood filter too. Most people forget about it.

Clean the Dryer Vent

Lint accumulates in the dryer vent and it’s a fire hazard. Remove the hose, clean it with a brush and clear the exterior cover of any debris. A clean vent improves dryer’s efficiency.

Spring Clean Your Finances

Sort through financial papers and shred your old statements. Pay off outstanding credit card bills and start a savings plan. Set spending alerts on your credit cards so you don’t rack up too many expenses. Access your free credit files to ensure everything is accurate.

Review Your Insurance

Automatically renewing your insurance without a review can create costly insurance gaps. Your home has probably increased in value, especially if you’ve done improvements. Plus, you probably own more items.

Create a home inventory and then schedule a review with our agency. We’ll help you realign your coverage with your needs.