Landscapers are exposed to various types of hazards and risks every day.  A landscaper’s job site can be any place where hedges need to be trimmed, lawns need to be mowed, or grounds need an overhaul. As you travel to serve your clients, your landscaping business is opened up to the risks of the road. Not only are you counting on employees to drive your vehicle, you may be carrying your lawn mower and equipment on a trailer.  Having adequate commercial auto insurance can protect your business from situations and accidents that could be financially devastating.

Various types of vehicle insurance that are covered on your commercial auto policy are: pickup truck insurance, truck insurance, business auto insurance, van insurance, dump truck insurance, and trailer insurance.

The various options for commercial insurance for landscapers include:

Liability Auto Coverage – If your employee causes an accident, this coverage will pay for the damages caused and medical expenses of third parties harmed in the accident.

Physical Damage Coverage  – You can add on collision coverage to your policy which will pay for physical damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident.  You can also add on comprehensive coverage, which will cover your vehicle in case it is stolen, vandalized, or wrecked by a natural disaster.

Medical Expenses Coverage  – This coverage will apply for medical expenses in the event one of your employees injures someone else in an accident.  Without this coverage, your business may be responsible for medical costs out of pocket.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage  – This can protect your company in the event that your employees use their personal vehicles for company business and they have an accident.  Your policy can supplement the expenses their personal policy cannot cover.

Inland Marine Insurance- This is the insurance coverage that protects your equipment and tools while in transit to the job, on the job or while your machines are in storage. Inland Marine Insurance is extremely valuable when you have several mowers and other lawn care tools.

Workers Compensation Insurance- If your employee gets hurt on the job or while driving your vehicle, this insurance coverage will protect you from law suits and will cover the medical expenses necessary for your employees.

In addition, we understand that your landscaping business goes beyond lawn care. You may also provide snow plowing or snow removal during winter months. We are equipped with markets to handle residential, light commercial and heavy duty commercial snow plowing on your commercial auto as well as general liability policy.

Contact LG Insurance Agency today to learn more about our commercial insurance options for landscapers !

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