It seems like all anybody has been talking about these past couple weeks is the coronavirus and the resulting panic and supply shortages. These are certainly anxiety-ridden times. Everyone is being advised to avoid travel, public buildings and social events. One thing we can do with the free time we have being stuck at home is plan for our next vacation. Why not use this time to ease some of your stress by dreaming about and planning your next trip once the epidemic is over? Here are our tips for planning your best vacation ever.

  • Decide what time of year you want to travel. You can narrow down your list of potential destinations by figuring out what time of year you’ll be going. If you can only get time off from work in the fall, for instance, that will help you decide what region would be best. 
    • Pro tip: One way to save money is going to tourist destinations just a little bit off-season. For instance, the Niagara Falls peak season is the summer. If you go in early October, you’ll still enjoy pretty warm weather but pay less than half what you normally would for a hotel room.
  • Figure out a budget. How much are you able to spend? Keep in mind that some places (for instance countries in Southeast Asia) have inexpensive food and lodging compared to European cities, but will be more expensive to fly to. Be sure you’re factoring in travel, lodging, food, the cost of taking care of your home and/or pets while you’re gone and any other incidental costs into your budget. 
  • Pick your destination! Once you have your budget, the time of year you want to go and your desired activities, you can pick the destination that best fulfills everything you want to see and do!
  • Arrange pet care ahead of time. If you have pets, be sure making arrangements for their care while you’re gone is a top priority. It would be terrible for you to plan an amazing vacation only to have to cancel it all because you couldn’t find pet care in time. 
  • Don’t overplan. It’s possible to go overboard with your planning. While you may want to plan out every hour and activity to maximize what you’re able to do on your vacation, sometimes spontaneity can lead to the most fun!
  • Call your credit card companies beforehand. This one you won’t be able to take care of until right before you leave, but it’s good to keep in mind. Most credit card companies flag international charges as fraudulent and will decline them. If you’re planning on using credit cards during your vacation, you’ll save yourself a headache by calling ahead of time and telling them you’re taking a trip.
  • Start a countdown. Anticipation is half the fun! Once you have everything planned, start a countdown. Knowing you’ll be going on vacation soon will help you get through difficult days. 

Your friends at LG Insurance wish you health and safety in these trying times. We hope you’re able to relax and escape a little by dreaming about your next getaway.