It’s not surprising that many people choose to get married in the summer. The warm weather and all the trees and flowers in full bloom make it the ideal wedding season, especially here in the northeast. While everyone does their best to ensure their special day is perfect, there are many variables outside of a couple’s control that can derail even the most meticulously planned wedding. That’s why your friends at LG Insurance recommend you contact your agent about wedding insurance if you or a loved one is getting married soon.

While you’ll want to talk to an expert about the specifics because every wedding is different, there is some basic information about wedding insurance policies we’d like to share with you.

What it won’t cover: Wet feet.

  • Wedding insurance covers things outside of a couple’s control. If one party decides to back out before the big day, that is a situation that insurance, unfortunately, will not cover.

What it will cover: Nearly every other unfortunate occurrence you can think of!

  • Cancellation. If the venue burns down, goes out of business, or there is some other reason the venue is unable to host your wedding as planned, insurance will cover the cost.
    • Property damage. If, for example, someone decides they can’t properly celebrate the marriage without setting off a few fireworks, a wedding insurance policy would cover the cost of any resulting property damage.
    • Illness or injury. Wedding insurance will cover medical costs if someone accidentally takes a tumble down the stairs or if someone becomes seriously ill at the event. It will also cover the cost of rescheduling the event if someone in the wedding party has a serious injury or illness which would prevent the wedding from going forward as planned.
    • Extreme weather. If the wedding needs to be rescheduled because of a hurricane or other natural disaster, your costs will be covered.
    • Lost of stolen gifts. While we’d like to think none of our family or friends would be so selfish and dishonest as to steal wedding presents, it does happen.
    • Vendor problems. If your limo never shows up and you have to get another last minute for triple the price, or if your caterer goes out of business and you need to hire a new one, or if there is any other unforeseen problem with any of the numerous vendors employed for a wedding, insurance will cover you.

How much does it cost? That all depends! The cost of a wedding insurance policy will differ based on how much coverage you want. A basic policy is usually around $100 or $200. It will go up for added coverages, for instance for host liquor liability coverage, which covers alcohol related incidents. We recommend you contact your agent at LG Insurance for more details.

If you or a loved one is getting married in the near future, we hope the big day is fun, safe, and as beautiful as you dream it will be!