Whether it’s a severe thunderstorm, a nor’easter or a hurricane, severe wind events are frightening. They can cause property damage and even injury or death if you aren’t careful. Because the team at LG Insurance wants all of our clients and their families to stay safe during any severe storms that may hit, we want to offer you some tips so you can, as best as possible, ensure the security of your assets and those close to you.

We recommend that you check your homeowners, business or condominium insurance policy for your wind deductible. Many policies secretly have deductibles as high as 5% of dwelling coverage, and many business policies have wind exclusions. It is important to understand your wind insurance and deductibles on each of your personal and business insurance policies to determine coverage.

We’re also going to provide tips on staying safe during severe weather, but taking preventative measures so you’re ready for it before it happens is just as important. Here are some steps you can take to protect your family and your home against heavy wind events.  

    • Prepare an emergency kit. You should have some supplies handy in case you need to survive on your own for a few days. This kit should include plenty of food and water, a flashlight, cell phones and chargers, batteries, clothing, toiletries, medications, a first aid kit, a battery powered radio so you can stay up to date if the power goes out, and any other items you think you may need in an emergency.
    • Identify a room in your home to seek shelter. You should pick a room in the interior of your home (a basement is a good idea if you have one) where you can go to seek shelter if there is a high wind warning.
    • Secure your property. Trim any trees away from your home and power lines in case any wind or lightning causes branches to fall. You should also secure any loose gutters or shutters, and tie down any items outside that could blow around.

A high wind warning is issued if the NOAA forecasts that sustained wind will surpass 40 mph or if wind gusts are expected to get up to 58 mph. If you happen to get caught outside in a storm with severe wind, here are some helpful safety tips.

  • Get to shelter. If there is no building you can enter, take cover near one. Do your best to stay away from roads and watch for any flying debris.
  • If you are driving:
      • Slow down and stay alert. Watch out for any debris.
      • Keep a good amount of distance between yourself and other vehicles, especially vans, large trucks and anything with a trailer attached.
      • If you can, take a route which will allow you to avoid trees or other tall objects that could fall.
    • Keep away from downed power lines. If you see a downed power line, call 911 immediately. Do not go near it, even if someone needs help. You could end up getting shocked. Get them medical attention by calling 911.
    • Stay updated. Check NOAA’s Weather Radio for weather updates and information on power outages.

These are just a few tips to help you prepare for and stay safe during any severe wind events. Reviewing your insurance with your agent is also a good idea. Knowing beforehand that you have the best and most affordable coverage for your property and other assets will be one less thing for you to worry about. We hope you and your family and friends are safe and ready for whatever severe weather may blow our way this winter!