When it’s time to move it’s important to ensure you have proper insurance coverage in place. You have enough on your plate without worrying about whether you’re protected. Before you start loading anything on the moving truck, consider these insurance issues.

Current Home Inventory

Whether you buy insurance through your mover or insurance agent, you need to know the estimated value of your belongings. If you haven’t done a home inventory, do one before your move. If you already have one, ensure it is current. You’ll want the maximum policy value to align with your needs.

An accurate home inventory is also invaluable should you need to file a claim. It provides all the details the insurance company needs to speed the claims process.

Understand Existing Coverage

Your homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy protects your belongings while they are in your residence and while they are in-transit or storage. However, these policies don’t cover any damage caused by movers when they’re packing or moving items. If you’re the one doing the packing and moving and you break or damage an item, your insurance won’t cover it.

Talk to you insurance agent about the coverage your policy offers. They can provide you with options to ensure you’re properly covered during your move.

Trip Transit Insurance

This coverage includes protection for personal property for perils such as theft and fire while your goods are in transit or storage. Your agent can write up the policy for the full value of your property, or they can use trip transit insurance to increase the coverage provided by a professional mover.