Maybe you can’t find a sitter, or going out isn’t in your budget at the moment, or there just isn’t anything interesting happening around town. Whatever the reason, staying home with your partner on Friday or Saturday night doesn’t mean you have to treat it like another ordinary evening. Here are 10 ideas for date nights that will help you relax and have fun with your partner right at home! 

  • Have a throwback dance party. Break out those old records, cassettes or CDs and dance the night away! (Spotify also has some great decade playlists.) In addition to hearing some classics you may have loved and forgotten, it’s great fun having those “what were we thinking?” moments when you come across those cheesy novelty songs or ridiculous fashions everybody was into.
  • Carve pumpkins. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this Halloween activity! Being creative together is a great way to have fun and strengthen your bond.
  • Bake something sweet. Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier, one way to warm your home and enjoy quality time with your significant other is to bake up some treats. Even if you aren’t the best bakers, decorating a store-bought cake or cookies is also fun! 
  • Have a video game competition. Break out your favorite retro console and compete in some old-school racing or fighting games. It’ll be a fun trip down memory lane!
  • Picnic at home. Just eating dinner on your porch or in your backyard rather than inside will break up the monotony and make it feel like you’re on a date. If weather and timing permit, being able to watch the sunset or stargaze will make the night really special!
  • Set up a beer or wine tasting. Buy a few drinks you’ve never tried before and release your inner connoisseur! You may find a new favorite on top of having a great time with your partner.
  • Play party games. Games like “Never Have I Ever”, “Would You Rather?” or “Truth or Dare” aren’t just for teens! They’re a really fun way to spend an evening being silly and learning more about your partner.
  • Have a home spa night. Some massage oil or a bathbomb are really all you need to have fun pampering each other. 
  • Take online personality tests. Whether the test is accurate or not (sometimes it’s even more fun when they’re completely off the mark), it can be a blast guessing what your partner’s result will be in an online personality test and then seeing if you were right. 
  • Plan your next vacation. Even if you don’t currently have the money or time for a vacation, it can be exciting to talk about all the places you’d love to travel to someday. Making plans (even tentative ones) to take romantic trips together is a great way for you and your partner to not feel so trapped in your day-to-day routine. 

Your friends at LG Insurance hope that you have a wonderful, romantic night whatever you decide to do with your significant other for your next date!