Everyone loves coming down to the shore to spend the day or maybe even longer enjoying the beautiful scenery and indulging in all the shore has to offer.  Many people spend their whole lives visiting the shore and want to one day retire and buy a home on or close to the water.  Others move here sooner because they want to raise a family here, and the rest of us are lifelong residents with a sense of entitlement! Living on the coast is a unique experience.  Anything you could ever need or want in life can be found from fresh seafood to magical boardwalk wonderlands.

Coastal homeowners insurance is just as unique as the coastal experience.  Insurance for homes that are close to water generally costs more because there is a higher risk for flooding and wind damage.  Many banks are now requiring homeowners to purchase flood insurance in addition to homeowners insurance with 100% replacement cost and coverage for wind.  There are many different components to a homeowners insurance policy which can make it difficult more most people to read and understand which can cause unwanted confusion.

Most coastal homeowners insurance policies have hurricane or wind deductibles or sometimes both.  Many policies include exclusions for damage from wind or hail depending on the type of roofing or siding material your home is constructed of.  Damage from flood is always an excluded loss from homeowners policies and needs to be purchased separately.  Mold is another big exclusion from these coastal homeowners policies. These are just a few of the many different deductibles and exclusions that could be written into your policy.  The only way to be sure that you have the proper coverage for your situation is to have a licensed agent review your policy with you and explain what coverages you’re carrying and what coverages are excluded from your policy.  At LG Insurance Agency we specialize in coastal exposures.  We can help you review your current coverages to ensure there are no gaps in coverage and help you understand what your policy covers.  Give us a call today for a free policy review!


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