As we read about and watch the footage from the horrible effects of Hurricane Matthew, it is reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy and a reminder to us all that hurricanes are dangerous storms.

Hurricanes, and the flooding they cause, are an on-going threat to New York and New Jersey residents and coastal towns.

A study recently written in the Insurance Journal, states that hurricanes could start flooding the New York/New Jersey coastline as often as every 20 years due to the effects of climate change on sea-level rise and hurricane activity, scientists said on Monday.

“The inundations from hurricanes will affect where we live, it will affect how we work, it will cause problems with the ecosystem,” said Horton, a professor of sea level research at Rutgers University. The projections highlight the importance of slashing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, he said.

Protecting residents from more frequent flooding would require an enormous undertaking to protect coastal areas. This is the human cost of climate change.

Not only is it time to work to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but now is the time to re-evaluate your insurance needs and properly protect yourself from disastrous storms. Don’t wait until it is too late to review and update your homeowners insurance and flood insurance. Call LG Insurance Agency, your local Jersey Shore insurance agent. We can provide guidance on how to get the insurance protection that’s best for your budget and your needs.

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